Gu Hye Sun spoke about her break up, concussion, & what she felt was unfair during shooting of the trendsetting drama "Boys Over Flowers"

Actress Gu Hye Sun made her first television appearance after her divorce on the show The Manager. She made revelations about the early days of shooting & opened up about what she lost and experienced during shooting one of the superhit Korean dramas, Boys Over Flowers.

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Gu Hye Sun looked lively & spoke her mind out during the variety show she appeared on after nearly three years. The MBC show aired on November 7 & this was the first time she appeared before the public after her turbulent divorce from actor Ahn Jae Hyun.

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In the show Gu Hye Sun introduced Kim Sung Hoon, the head of Mimi Entertainment, the new agency she joined recently. Though the agency is new, Kim has seen Gu since the time she was trying to establish herself.

In fact, he had played a major role in getting her the role of Geum Jan Di, the lead female cast of Boys Over Flowers that had starred Lee Min Ho in the lead role. Actually the drama had four boys in lead role including Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon.

Kim Sung Hoon explained how he struggled to finalize Gu Hye Sun"s role in Boys Over Flowers. "Every agency that had any actresses in that age range was begging to have their actresses cast. I also spent so much time waiting at the production company, going back and forth, & meeting with the director multiple times until Gu Hye Sun was finally cast in that role," she said.

The Break Up

Speaking about an interesting fact, Gu Hye Sun said that she was filming the most famous island scene when she faced an untoward incident in her personal life. The shooting was being held in New Caledonia and she did not have cell phone reception there.

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At that time, Gu Hye Sun is said khổng lồ have had a boyfriend who was in Korea. "I had a boyfriend back then, và he couldn"t get in cảm biến with me. But he didn"t believe me when I said that I didn"t have reception there. He thought it was an excuse. So we broke up," Gu Hye Sun said.

She also spoke about what she felt was unfair in Boys Over Flowers. She said that the drama was male-oriented and while the four boys got khổng lồ appear in pretty clothes, she was always covered with flour or had eggs being thrown at her.

"What I found most unfair was that the guys would arrive at the end of a scene dressed in pretty clothing, & then they would steal the show. But from the beginning, I"d be getting hit by eggs and flour up until they showed up, and then the scene would end. It was ultimately the male lead who benefited," she said as she laughed out loud.

But Kim Sung Hoon was quick to lớn respond that the audience related with Geum Jan Di and her misfortunes và that is why they loved the drama. Host Jun Hyun Moo also said that "People were rooting for Geum Jan Di."

Concussion, New Work

Gu Hye Sun also revealed that she had suffered a concussion while shooting the last episode of the drama. The scene had lớn go on air shortly và there was no chance actors could have delayed it. " If I didn"t immediately continue filming, the drama wouldn"t be able to lớn air on schedule. So I pushed myself khổng lồ keep filming. Then, about a week later, I started feeling nauseated & dizzy. I eventually ended up fainting during filming and going khổng lồ the hospital," the actress said.

The actress is yet lớn announce her new work. But fans were happy khổng lồ see her on screen after a long time. For three years after her marriage, she did not take up any project as she wanted to support her ex-husband Ahn Jae Hyun in his career and decided to lớn manage the household.

She is currently concentrating on music and art. She recently sold 25 of her artworks for nearly $45,000 <50 million won>. Fans are expecting the actress to see her in a new drama soon.